As An Employee             Join Us

Join us or any of our VSC group companies as an employee with assigned Roles & responsibilities and get remunerated commensurate with your qualification and experience.

As An Expert             Join Us

Join our panel of experts on board as an associate. We can allocate work/project as it materializes and the delivery has to be done as per pre-decided time and formats.

As Channel Partner             Join Us

Join us as the leader of a separate entity created based on your area of strengthon the VSC Group platform, represent us and harness our team & channels. This provides for the infrastructure support/available platform to work and you can use your capabilities to grow the entity as your own.

As Client Dashboard User            Join Us

Client can join us through the user friendly client dashboard created on the VSC Website by putting his query in a classified and structured way. That query will automatically get transferred to the concerned expert team who will respond to the client online.

Please note that we collaborate only when you successfully fulfil our standard due diligence & ethical norms. For us our clients as well as our network of people are of utmost importance and we are responsible to them. We collaborate only when we can regard you an asset in every way for our people. Once a part of the group you need to adhere to all internal policies including but not limited to delivery, methodology, communication, quality and trainings.